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Furbliss™ is the revolutionary 2-sided multi-function pet brush recommended by veterinarians.

The Swiss designed furbliss™ brush is the most versatile pet brush available. It provides a gentle and calming brushing action that massages your pet and will leave them in pure bliss.

It also desheds, removes sebum & dander, and leaves the coat shiny and healthy. The furbliss™ brush is also the perfect brush for bath time and can be used wet or dry. The back side of the furbliss™ brush works well to help loosen fur and is also a highly effective tool to remove fur & lint from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors.

Recommended by veterinarians, pet parent tested, and loved by pets... this brush is simply furbliss.


  • Deep Cleaning
  • Use Wet or Dry, Perfect for Baths
  • Stimulates & Nourishes the Coat
  • Provides Comforting Massage
  • Desheds
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone Attracts Fur
  • Dishwasher & Washing Machine Safe.
  • Made in USA

3-Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy


  • Blue brush for small breed dogs & cats with short hair & all Rabbits and Pocket Pets. (soft silicone)
  • Green brush for small breed dogs & cats with long hair (soft silicone)
  • Yellow brush for medium & large breed dogs with short hair (medium silicone)
  • Red brush for large breed dogs with long hair (firm silicone)


  1. Use top of brush to gently massage & brush pet.
  2. Can be used in multiple brushing motions.
  3. Backside of brush can be used for deshedding & removal of fur & lint from clothing & furniture.
  4. To clean, simply run under warm water or place in dishwasher or washing machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
My long haired cat does nothing but purr!

He used to hate his brushing but now rubs on his Furbliss whenever he sees it.

All Our Pets Love This Brush!

We have two Lab Retrievers and some cats. Our cat Spot was the first one I got to try the brush on and he LOVES it. He looked at it the first time and almost acted afraid, but as soon as I started brushing, he changed his mind. Now he starts purring as soon as I start brushing and he turns over so I can get both sides and even his belly! He usually falls asleep while by the time I'm done. His hair is silky soft after using the brush. The dogs both love it too. With the weather warming they are really shedding and this lifts out the hair and leaves them soft too. When I first saw the brush I thought it looked a little small for the task, but having used it, I find it easy to hold and I am impressed with the results I am getting.


We really love the Furbliss and our dogs love them too!!


This brush works amazingly!! I recommend it! It really works

Didn't work out

My cat hates it. I think it pulls her hair too much. She's sensitive. It does, however, work really well on furniture and rugs for pet hair removal, which is nice because my roommate has a husky.

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