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The Best Brush for Pets with Skin Conditions

Furbliss® is vet and veterinary dermatologist recommended as it is the safest brush for all pets. Traditional pet brushes are made out of metal, steel, or wire which can cause damage to the pet's skin. Deshedding tools aggressively rip and break the fur and are also potentially harmful to the skin. Furbliss is made from 100% medical grade silicone which provides soft and gently daily brushing, exfoliating, and deshedding. Furbliss stimulates the epidermis by increasing circulation. 

Pets with skin conditions including seborrhea and atopy can greatly benefit from using Furbliss. These pets already have sensitive and inflamed skin which requires a soft brush like Furbliss to safely and effectively brush the coat. Furbliss can be used both wet or dry and is the perfect brush to use in conjunction with medicated shampoos during bath time.

Furbliss also works great for massaging pets including as a part of physical therapy. Furbliss is great to be used during stressful situations as it helps to relax and calm pets.

The backside of the Furbliss brush is excellent for removing fur and lint from lab coats and is perfect to be used in between exam appointments!

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