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"As a groomer and health educator for a busy rabbit rescue in California, The Rabbit Haven, I need grooming tools that are effective and easy for anyone to use. Having spent hundreds of dollars on various combs and brushes in my search for the best grooming tool, I’m so glad to have found it. Furbliss is now the brush I recommend and use. The soft silicone of the brush and design of the nobs penetrates deep into the coat without injuring a rabbit's sensitive skin. I stroke with the coat and against the coat to get a maximum of loose fur. Even rabbits who are nervous or don’t like to be handled, seem to settle down and enjoy grooming, becoming relaxed and sometimes “tooth purring”. Owners are invariably impressed when I show them how much fur can be removed from the coat in 5-7 minutes. It is import to keep a rabbit brushed as loose fur can be ingested and cause intestinal blockages. The softness and ease of use allows this brush to be useful and safe for anyone to use. The blue brush is perfect for short furred and Rex rabbits." Diana Moll, The Rabbit Haven, California


rabbit brush




Works well for my Yorkie!

"I had previously purchased four different brushes for my Yorkie puppy. They all hurt him terribly. This brush is fantastic! He doesn't mind being brushed and it works well. It also is great to use when giving him a bath. It is much easier to get the soap distributed." DJ ~ Minnesota 



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