Cat Fur and Skin Health

Cats are self groomers but still require regular brushing and skin care to avoid matted fur and other skin and coat issues.  In addition, regular brushing helps remove loose fur which is otherwise ingested by your cats leading to hair balls which can be a serious medical condition.

The challenge in brushing cats is that many cats do not enjoy being brushed with a traditional metal, steel, or wire pet brush.  Cats may tend to run or hide at first site of any pet brush.  Fortunately, you can still maintain a healthy skin and coat in your cat by using Furbliss.  The soft silicone bristles provide a relaxing massage as you brush your cat, while effectively removing loose fur, dander, and cleaning the coat.  The silicone bristles feel like a cat's tongue which is naturally how they groom themselves.  Cat parents are thrilled to see their cat feeling pure bliss with Furbliss!™

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