Skin & Coat Health for Dogs

Regular brushing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy skin and coat in your dog and vital to their overall wellness.  We all know that daily brushing and bathing is important in maintaining our own hair and scalp and the same is true for our pets.

Choosing the correct pet brush for your dog is not only critical to maintaining a healthy coat, but it is also important as many traditional pet brushes can cause irritation or damage to your dog's skin.

For dogs with skin conditions such as skin allergies (atopy), choosing the correct pet brush is even more challenging.  That's because their skin is already inflamed, irritated, and sensitive.  Using a traditional metal brush would cause further irritation and potential serious damage and injury to your pet's skin.

Fortunately, Furbliss was developed with the health of your dogs skin and coat in mind.  Furbliss unique patented design features 100% medical grade silicone.  Unlike traditional pet brushes that are made out of metal, steel, or wire; Furbliss soft silicone allows for safe brushing of your dog's fur and coat.  The silicone naturally grabs and attracts fur, dirt, and dead skin cells.  The numerous and prominent silicone bristles provide a relaxing massage while also stimulating the circulation of your pet's skin.  Regular brushing with Furbliss will create a healthy, shiny, and lustrous coat.

Because the Furbliss brush creates a pleasant feeling on the skin, your dog will enjoy regular brushing, which will further benefit their skin and coat.  Compare this to normal metal pet brushes or deshedding tools that cause irritation to your dog's skin.  This is why pet's do not cooperate with typical brushes, making brushing your dog difficult and frustrating.

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