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"I never feel any snags or pulling when using the Furbliss like I experienced with other brushes. It fits in my hand really comfortably which is great with my dogs because it does take quite a while to get the job done. I also like how the brush is flexible, it allows me to apply pressure to different aspects of the brush, and bend the brush around their legs, shoulders, tails, etc with ease. Consider Furbliss for your pets stocking or holiday gift!" Emily Reviews



"I love how easy to hold the Furbliss Multi-Functional Pet Brush is. And, when bathing, the shampoo reservoir is fabulous! I also love that it is NOT slippery when wet! The pets love the gently massaging action. The Furbliss brushes come in a variety suitable for pets of all sizes and hair lengths, including cats!" Miss Molly Says





"When offered the chance to try the new multi-function Furbliss silicone brush, of course I wanted to; especially since it brushes, massages, and removes lint and fur from furniture and clothing! Luke does not care for a lot of handling and touching with any kind of tool, but he seemed to relax and enjoy it. 

I think it’s a very nice way to bond with your pet and can be relaxing for both of you. I am apt to brush them more often when I know they’re enjoying it, so I can too.

Now we can cover all our needs with just three brushes that are easy to store and clean!" Wag 'n Woof Pets




"My favorite thing about this brush is that it is made of silicone.  Brushes that I have gotten in the past are the ones that are made of metal like bristles and just seem like they tear through the fur.  This one went through the fur very smooth and I am sure feels softer than the bristles on other brushes.  I also love the shape of this brush because it helps with gripping the brush when you are brushing.  It was very easy for my two boys ages 7 and 8 to hold onto." Mom's Point of View



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