Furbliss™ FAQs

Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about Furbliss™. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us or call 800-643-7558.

How does Furbliss™ work?
As you use the Furbliss brush, it provides a comforting and relaxing massage while also providing routine brushing, exfoliation, and cleaning of your pet's coat. The back side of the brush has deshedding teeth that can be used in short, firm strokes to safely deshed your pet's coat. The back side of the brush also has a fur and lint removing edge to remove fur from clothing, furniture, and auto interiors. Furbliss can be used both wet and dry and is the perfect brush for bath time!  It creates a luxurious lather and deep cleaning of your pet's coat while also providing a comforting massage.

Is Furbliss™ safe for my pet?
Yes, Furbliss is absolutely safe for your pet as it is proudly made in the U.S.A. with 100% premium medical grade silicone. With no steel, metal or wires, your pet will be in pure bliss with Furbliss! 

What type of pet is Furbliss™ recommended for?
Furbliss is a perfect choice for all pets and is designed for both dogs and cats.  Any size, age, and breed of dog and cats can use and benefit from any of our Furbliss products. However, we have developed specific brushes for different coat types. Blue is specially designed for small pets with short hairGreen is for small pets with long hairYellow is for large pets with short hair and Red is for large pets with long hair.

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