Directions for Use

Top Side - Use the top side of the Furbliss™ brush to gently massage and brush your pet.  Use multiple brushing motions including circular and forward/backward movements.  

Top Side Uses:

    • Daily & Routine Brushing
    • Massaging & Calming
    • Deshedding
    • Cleaning of skin & coat including removal of dirt, sebum, & dander

Bottom Side - Use the bottom of the Furbliss brush for additional features.  Each end of the Furbliss brush has deshedding teeth.  Use firm pressure in continuous strokes to provide rigorous, yet safe deshedding of your pet's entire coat.  Back side of brush also can function to hold shampoo during bath time and holds up to two ounces of shampoo.  One edge of the Furbliss brush acts as a fur and lint removing tool.  Sweep this edge over clothing, furniture, & auto interiors to pick up loose fur and lint!

Bottom Side Uses:

    • Deshedding tool 
    • Acupressure massaging
    • Bathing (holds two ounces of shampoo)
    • Fur & lint removing tool

Cleaning the Furbliss™ Brush -To clean your Furbliss brush simply hold under warm running water.  Fur, dirt, and debris simply rinse away from the silicone surface!  Pat dry against the side of your sink or a clean towel.  You can also throw the Furbliss brush into your dishwasher or washing machine as the Furbliss brush can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit!  The premium medical grade silicone is not rubber and will not melt.

*Note Regarding Cats - For best results we recommend that you slightly dampen the Furbliss brush prior to use on cats to avoid any potential static shock.

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