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Really holds up to a good gnawing

Out of my three cats, only one has enjoyed grooming for grooming's sake. The other two enjoy attacking the brush and chewing it up. I won a blue small short-haired cat brush in a Modern Cat magazine contest after mentioning how 2 of them destroy brushes. One of the gnawers, my long-haired boy just loves the new Furbliss brush and actually sits still for a good grooming now. I ordered the green long-haired brush to get all through his fur and he's a very happy boy. So is the short-haired boy who has always loved a nice brushing.

My fiery little tortoise girl has hyperesthesia and cerebellar hypoplasia. She has and always will be prone to sensory overload freakouts. Some days she enjoys a few strokes of the Furbliss and then starts gnawing on it. Other days she bites it right from the start. The soft bristles don't break or scratch her mouth. It only takes a few strokes to make her sleek and shiny. Even for my little stinker it's a more pleasant grooming experience with this Furbliss brush than her old nylon bristle one.

Groom brushes

I absolutely love this product. All of the groomers I work with have been passing my new brush around. It work amazing on a scared dog that doesn't like metal brushes. He loved the massage and it deshed him better than ever!

Handy product

Love the product! Have five dogs, three are sibirian huskies, and all five love it,the price is right and it takes the fur off their dog beds

A Great Little Brush

The Furbliss brush fits nicely in my hand and is flexible and soft. It works great for removing loose fur on my dog. My favorite way to use it is for removing the dog and cat hair from my clothes.

Absolutely love!

I'm so in love with this brush! It works so well for brushing my pet's fur and the fact that it doubles as a fur remover is amazing! It's also great for baths, I love the compartments for the soap and it works great for getting your pup's fur squeaky clean!


Furbliss™ - Red Brush for Large Pets with Long Hair

kitty approved!

My orange tabby loves this brush. It gives him a nice massage while taking off some fur. The front of the brush has flexible rubber bristles that grab fur off the surface. The fur tends to accumulate on my cat where I end the brush stroke so you have to collect the extra fur yourself, which isn't too bad. The back of the brush doubles as a fur and lint remover tool. The best part is that this brush is easy to clean by just running water and some soap. It's also washer and dishwasher safe! I haven't tried that yet. I'll update once I do!
**I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review**

Remarkable brush

We have 4 Coton de Tulear dogs, they are long haired with thick undercoats.
They have to be brushed almost daily to keep the undercoat from matting. Combing and brushing the dogs was difficult especially for me as I am 82. Also the dogs did not like the metal brushes as well as the very long teethed combs to get through the undercoat. As soon as I received this FURBLISS green brush I tried it on one of the dogs with the thickest undercoat. My Einstein Loved , loved, loved it, and so did I. Now all four stand in line to be brushed, I can't believe it. Time will tell if the undercoat will stay un-matted. Will continuously check the undercoat. Thank you FURBLISS for this miracle brush.

Puggle Approved

I really like the Furbliss for short haired pets. I got all my dogs excess fur off easily. It was nice that the fur didn't get all tangled in the brush. I had a bag ready to put the fur in. What was left in the brush I rinsed off. I really like that this brush is washing machine and dishwasher safe. I also like that the backside of the brush has the little cells in it for shampoo when I'm washing my dog.

Picky Cat Liked

I have a medium to long haired senior cat who is super picky about what we brush her with. She let me brush all her excess fur off without running away.

silcone dog pet brush

this grooming brush is for short hair pets. my little Zoey loved it!! it has really soft silicon brissles on both sides that you can massage, groom or bath your pet with. my zoey didnt want me to stop
Zoey says you can get on too!

Nice Brush

My favorite thing about this brush is that it is made of silicone. Brushes that I have gotten in the past are the ones that are made of metal like bristles and just seem like they tear through the fur. This one went through the fur very smooth and I am sure feels softer than the bristles on other brushes. I also love the shape of this brush because it helps with gripping the brush when you are brushing. It was very easy for my two boys ages 7 and 8 to hold onto. The brush was okay to clean. The side that has the bigger teeth was easy to clean. You just run the brush under the water and the fur came off. As for the other side there were hairs that had to be pulled off. I believe that is because everything on that side is closer together and makes it harder for it to be cleaned. It does how ever do a good job of getting dog fur off of furniture.


Furbliss™ - Green Brush for Small Pets with Long Hair

The BEST purchase!

I was first introduced to these brushes at the grooming expo in Hershey Pa. I just graduated from grooming school and I thought this was a great way to check out all the products out there. The representative of these brushes gave me a little run down on all the things they can offer, like everyone else I told her they sounded great but I wanted to do my homework then I would be back to make purchases tomorrow. Hesitant on the amount of money I bought all four brushes and they were my favorite purchase from the expo! I have had them for a year now and they are just as good as the first day I bought them. I use them on every single dog I groom. I use the blue one in the bath tub to scrub the dogs and every dog loves it! I was so impressed by how many areas I could deshed with them that I couldn’t with any other tool or brush. The fact that they are silicone makes them gentle on the dogs skin and super easy to clean. I have had customers ask if they can purchase them for home use, so I contacted the company and now I sell them to so many customers. They would be my secret weapon, but they are too awesome to keep to myself. Anything that helps my customers take the best care of their four-legged family members deserves five stars from me!!

Heather McDevitt
Paws Plus Grooming

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