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Glandex® Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING


Furbliss™ - Yellow Brush for Large Pets with Short Hair

It works!

Stewie, our Aussie/American Bulldog cross, was visiting the vet every six weeks in order to have his glands expressed. Using Glandex, Stewie has not had to visit for three months now.

The scoot is 90% booted

I have 4 dogs and 2 were suffering from nasty anal gland leakage. The scooting, excessive licking and the smell were all awful. I have been giving them all the glandex once daily and all symptoms are reduced by 90%. It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing at all. I’d love to have it more readily available here in Canada and more cost effective for us here in Canada. Hopefully in time that will happen.

A Great Product

It works !!! Fantastic -saves vet visits to clear the blocked glands


I believe it made it smell good. It doesnt work as well when the feces has dried. I think if you guys can make it easier to the point where even if its dried feces, if it can soften it, making it easier to wipe


Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz

Nice brush and terrific customer service!

My 7.5 lbs. short hair Calico cat did not mind when I used the new blue brush on her the first time. The brush eliminates lots of unwanted hair that could not be done with other type of brushes, which is a good thing! I also appreciate the company responsive & terrific customer service:)

Glandex review

Glandex has helped my extending her vet visits from every 4 weeks to every 9 weeks. I’m happier...and so is she. Thank you!


Saw this on line my dog had been scooting outside every time he went to bathroom, so I actually went that evening to petsMart . When I got back home cut them in half, started that night given to Ben. It has been approximately 3 days, NO SCOOTING. He's happy and so am I.


I have had my beagle on this product for a few months and she has had fewer episodes where she is needing to scoot to get some relief.

Glandex helping

Changed from the pills to the powder form due to cost and adding another dog taking Glandex. After 3-4 months still have occasional boot scoot, but noticed a difference in our dogs allergy issues. We have now added a second dog taking Glandex to see if it helps with the severe allergies she is experiencing.


Glandex® Soft Chews for Dogs - 120 Chews FREE SHIPPING


Worked great for the first few months, then had the vet tell us his glands were very full again. Hard to tell when you have a dog that doesn't scoot! Will continue to use the product as it has reduced the amount of vet trips I need to take

Still a fabulous product!

Glandex has totally “cured” Leo of his anal gland issues. Especially since he is my Service Dog. We’ve reviewed Glandex before and Leo is going to be your pet of the month for August! I
We would recommend this to anybody!

Relief for Pommy

We are happy that it is so easy to ensure
that our little Pommy does not have to go through the pain of a ruptured anal gland ever again. Glandex is a great product.

No more scooting with Boot the Scoot

Excellent product. My dogs little tails are no longer wet from them trying to dig where they shouldn’t Gland extraction is painful on our fur babies and Boot the Scoot eliminates them having to go thru this - than you Boot the Scoot!!!!!

Love the product Glandex

My dog is very fussy with food and I was concerned she wouldn't eat the powder on top of her food but she doesn't hesitate. The Glandex powder seems to be improving the gland problem and with the wipes she has stopped licking incessantly we have been to the vets 3 times which prior for squeezing and had a course of antibiotics but I do prefer the natural approach to this problem. I will persist with this product as it seems to be working.


With the use of Glandex my Doberman no longer has anal gland issues. She loves to lay upside down in my lap, and before using Glandex, her anal gland would leak. It is so wonderful not to have the leaking and the smell.

Not yet

It has not helped with leaky glands at this point but I will continue with it hoping things will change!

Have 2 dogs that use this product with success!!

and we find it very helpful. The oldest one (13) still scouts upon occasion, but not as much as she used to. As for the youngest one (5) she basically had a gland odor problem and I did not want to start the extraction route with her, so tried the Glandex instead and it works ... no odor or gland issues. Thank you!

Leaking glands

Before we got this for our little bulldog he was having trouble with his glands in the since they would randomly leak and of course if he got scared but since being on the glandex he no longer has a problem with them leaking and we are extremely greatful.

It works

This product has really made a difference. Thank you.


Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 5.5 oz

Awesome product, but slow delivery

Max, my 3 y.o. Cavoodle had anal gland infection and rupture a month ago. He has been having Glandex ever since and so far I haven't seen him scooting and his rupture wound is healing up nicely. I thoroughly recommend this product, too bad it took so long for shipping as I'm in Australia. The website stated item is shipped from Sydney but after purchase the order confirmed it was shipped from Illinois.

Hi Elizabeth, We are very happy to hear that Glandex is working so well for Max. We are currently working on making Glandex widely available in Australia. Within the next few weeks the product should be registered and available in Australia. Sincerely, Vetnique Labs
Good brush

My cat dislikes being brushed or combed. I’ve tried about four different types of brushes. She still doesn’t tolerate it much. However with the furbliss I am able to brush her everyday for a couple of minutes and it gets a good amount of fur. It’s necessary to collect the loose fur from her afterwards. The fur comes off the brush easily too.

Cat loves it

Bought it for my long haired cat, and he loves being brushed with it so much he drools everywhere. Originally I wasn't sure he'd like it, as he doesn't like all brushes, but he seems to love this specific brush.

The best solution for anal problems

My female Bedlington Terrier has had anal gland problems all of her life, but I started using Glandex on her and it has completely cleared up the problem. I will never be without it!!!!


Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz

Great product!

I have been giving this to my dog for about a month now. It has helped her to be more regular and larger stools. She suffered from an impacted anal gland and it was so painful for her. I have increased the fiber in her food also and cook for her. I believe all of this together has helped her. I do not want her to go through that pain again! Thank you for this product. I will repurchase when this is gone. Thank you! The measuring spoons work really well also!


Happy with this product.

Better than expected

At first I found there was no change. I increased the daily amount and there's a significant change. I used to take my dog to the vet every 4 weeks for expressing. Now it's 6 - 8. She has deep glands and will always have a problem, but this makes life much easier for her and less stress going to the vet every month.

Love This Awesome Product

So happy to have found this product for our dog, Ripley. It is effective and made with ingredients that I feel safe giving to her. She loves these yummy "treats". Thank you Glandex for being so helpful and healthy for our Ripley!


Seems to work good!

Great product

It is really work for my dog, he has a great improved. Strongly recommended.

Profivex Probiotic - a better probiotic

I had been using Forti Flora... I asked my vet to to compare it to Profivex, and she prefers Profivex because it contains more strains.
I'm pleased that its packaging is much more ecofriendly.

Works well but my cat hates it

I'm guessing the rubber pulls on his hair too aggressively no matter how gentle I brush him, so I can't use it without holding him down which I'm not a fan of...

Works great

I had to change Molly's food because of allergies. New food made her poop a bit softer and the scooting began. Glandex started working right away. Great product. Will buy it again.

Not sure

He might be licking a little less???? But I'm not sure. Maybe need a little more time.


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Glandex® Soft Chews for Dogs - 30 Chews

Better brush

I have a rescued husky-shepherd that sheds non-stop but doesn’t like being brushed (I’ve tried furminator and many others). I got the large furbliss and it does a great job getting out his undercoat, though he still limits how long I can use it in one go. I’m experimenting with technique and surprisingly, he prefers my brushing against the direction of fur growth and massaging him with it in circles. I’m optimistic that by going at his pace, I can gradually
work up to longer sessions. A great tool for when he is itchy in the small,of his back, a spot he can’t reach well, and it does an awesome job of getting rid of fuzz/lint on furniture, better than anything I have tried and takes way less time - well worth the price for that alone! I would definitely recommend this brush.

So far so good

Seems to be helping the problem

Short's drag

I have found the Glandex product to have proved itself to be a blessing to those whom love their pets as I so much do, it's very special that someone has paid enough attention to the ongoing problem to afflicts all to many dogs. I thank you for my dog and pal "Shorty" for helping him enjoy being a dog and to enjoy the relief of that nasty anal gland problem.. Thank You for Glandex


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Doberman does better

Started using your Glandex product and it started to work after several weeks. I also added raw beef backbone as a treat as was recommended by my holistic vet.


Glandex® for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz


Glandex® Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Working Well

Ordered the Glandex powder about a month ago for our 10 year old mixed breed dog (Dachshund/Jack Russell). Have tried another product within the past year with minimal positive results. I have been impressed so far with the results. Have not had any problems over the past month with anal gland issues. Very happy with the results to date and hopefully we have found our fix for this issue.

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