Benefits of Furbliss

There are many clear health benefits of using the Furbliss™ brush for your pet's skin and coat.  Veterinarians recommend Furbliss as it safely cleans, desheds, exfoliates, and stimulates the circulation.  Pet parents also love using the no fuss brush™ for its ease of use and convenient features.


Health Benefits of Furbliss™

  • Stimulates the circulation of skin, joints, & muscles
  • Removes loose fur & provides safe deshedding
  • Exfoliates & removes dander, sebum, & crusts
  • Provides comforting & relaxing massage
  • The best brush for pets with inflamed skin due to allergies/atopy
  • Great to be used with shampoos for deeper cleaning during bath time

Convenience Benefits of Furbliss™

  • Two-sided patented design combines the features of multiple brushes & grooming tools into one!
  • Use wet or dry, perfect for baths!
  • Easy to clean, simply rinse under warm water or toss in dishwasher or washing machine
  • Removes fur & lint from clothing, furniture, & auto interiors!
  • Ergonomic design reduces effort & makes Furbliss easy to hold
  • Pets enjoy being brushed with Furbliss & do not struggle

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