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Furbliss® Dog & Cat Grooming and Bathing Kit for Pets with Long Hair

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Everything you need to bathe your pet in a convenient kit! We created our Furbliss line of professional grooming products and brushes for the health, beauty, and wellness of your pet! Our Furbliss Grooming Kit for Pets with Long Hair is perfect for all long hair pet grooming and bathing needs! The Furbliss Kit is perfect for that new puppy or kitten or adopted/rescued furry friend. This kit gives you the chance to try each of our grooming products and see which you like best!

Gentle for all Breeds of Dogs & Cats

The Furbliss Grooming Starter Kit comes with everything you need for bathing and grooming your pet. This kit includes our Refreshing Shampoo and Invigorating Shampoo samples, Nourishing Conditioner sample, Refreshing Grooming Spray and Calming Grooming Spray, along with the Long Hair Furbliss Brush.

  • High-Quality & Vet Recommended - Furbliss starter kits come with Refreshing Shampoo, Invigorating Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Refreshing Grooming Spray, Calming Spray, and a Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush. The popular Furbliss brushes massage, de-shed and remove sebum from pet's skin and coats. Your pet will feel pure bliss with Furbliss!™
  • Furbliss Shampoos with Essential Oils - Using luxurious ingredients like lavender oil, chamomile, rosemary, aloe, and oatmeal; Furbliss treats your pet to a spa-like treatment and leaves their fur smelling fresh and clean... with no wet dogs smell! Wash, rinse and repeat with Furbliss Shampoos!
  • Furbliss Conditioner Nourishes Coat - The Furbliss conditioner is great for pets with itchy and sensitive skin. The nourishing formula enriches the coat with shea butter, aloe, and safflower oil, leaving your pet's coat smelling and looking its best.
  • Furbliss Calming & Refreshing Grooming Spray - Our grooming sprays will leave dog or cat smelling like they just left the groomer. The Refreshing Spray has a seaside breeze like scent that smells fabulous. The Calming Spray has essential oils to stop anxiety and provide relief from stressful situations like thunderstorms. These freshening sprays help eliminate odor between bath times.
  • Made in the USA - All Furbliss products are made by Vetnique Labs, a company owned and run by a veterinarian who believes in using high-quality products that are made in the USA. Furbliss products are safe for all puppies and kittens to senior pets.

Customer Reviews

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Love these products. My cat and I are both happy. She rolled over after second use.

Great to use on dogs with long hair during winter !!

I have a German Shepherd that sheds so much. Daily brushing is required it right now during the winter time she is shedding a lot and also has a lot of pet dander. Are use this product and it worked amazing on her. The pet dander actually went away because of the pH balance that the spray contains lose her hair soft and she gradually stopped showing signs of pet dander. I highly recommend this during the wintertime because it does help with your daily regiment for long-haired dogs. The brush is amazing that comes with the kit and definitely standby what they say.

I love the Sense that come with the kit and I have not seen any type of irritation on my dog. I really like this product and definitely will be purchasing more.

Great starter kit

I love this kid that has everything you need to bathe your pet. I love to brush with a pocket Thunder need to put the shampoo in so you don't have to continuously put in your hand and hold you just enough to bathe your fur baby. And I love the two different types of shampoos they're great and the conditioner smells so wonderful when it leaves my baby feeling so soft and she's so clean. And the groom and spray is wonderful so is the calming spray it really does work. In the metal container it comes in makes it easy for traveling. That is why I got this kid cuz I'm always on the road every month her baby alone and I want her to be at her best at home or away from home. Also got the full sizes of both shampoos and conditioner for home. And I like to use the brush just to groom her and pet her with because she loves it.

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