Caring For Your Pet's Sensitive Skin

April 10, 2018 0 Comments

Brushing your dog or cat has tremendous benefit for your pet's well-being. It helps maintain a healthy coat while removing irritants near the surface of the skin. For pet parents, brushing your pet can improve bonding time and give you a sense of pride in caring for your pet.

For animals with sensitive skin, dermatological conditions or allergies, brushing is not always easy. Parents of these fur babies can find the grooming routine to be a struggle. It's difficult emotionally to see your pet uncomfortable, so many pet parents may dispose of the brushing routine altogether.

With Furbliss, you may be able to give your pet the benefits of grooming without the discomfort. A silicone brush that is functional and easy on even sensitive skin, Furbliss can help you reintroduce your animal to regular brushing.

Why Brushing Is Important

Both dogs and cats should receive regular brushing to maintain good health. Brushing stimulates blood circulation to the skin, helping the body's natural system to stay healthier. The process removes dirt and debris, and also evenly distributes the skin's natural oils throughout your pet's body.

If you've got a breed with a particularly long coat, you have probably experienced the tangles and mats that seem to show up out of nowhere. Regular brushing can keep these knots in check, preventing discomfort for your animal. Knots in the fur can pull at the animal's skin, causing irritation and pain.

Brushing is also a great time for you to "check in" with the health of your animal. You should be able to see any patches of redness or irritation under the fur. You might also notice any subtle signs of other kinds of pain or discomfort, such as a sore paw, that your animal might otherwise hide.

Sensitive Skin on Dogs and Cats

It's common for dogs to have dry skin in the winter, so pet parents, in consultation with their veterinarians, may reduce or eliminate shampoo usage during these months. Simple water baths can help keep your pooch clean without introducing any irritating chemicals to the skin while the weather is cold and dry.

Many animals have sensitive skin, which makes brushing more challenging and more important. Dry skin, allergies, lesions and "hot spots" can make your dog or cat ill-at-ease with contact, especially from hard or wire brushes. The skin may also be inflamed or irritated, and one bad experience with brushing can make your pet too fearful to allow you to try again.

Brushing, however, is one of the best ways to reduce shedding and help the overall condition of the coat and skin. If your dog or cat has sensitive skin, your veterinarian can give you specific tips to care for it.

Furbliss Improves Well-Being

One of the ways to make brushing easier on your pet is to look closely at the kind of brush you use. Many pet parents are drawn towards the brushes with the wire or hard plastic bristles because they are strong and can help eliminate difficult tangles. Unfortunately, these brushes can cause discomfort to your animal, especially if your pet has a skin issue.

Furbliss was specifically designed to solve these issues. It was developed in order to maximize the health of a dog or cat's skin and coat. Made of flexible, 100-percent medical-grade silicone, Furbliss allows you to gently massage your animal's skin while removing dead skin, fur, dirt and residue.

The product is designed to be gentle, in order to provide a rewarding grooming experience for your dog or cat, even in the presence of skin conditions or skin allergies. Furbliss won't cause irritation or damage to the skin, but will still give you everything you need to help your pet enjoy being brushed again.

Learn more about Furbliss' unique design and functionality, and how it's helping dog and cat owners support their pet's health.

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