The Furbliss Pet Brush Featured on QVC!

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Furbliss Silicone Pet Brush Featured on QVC


Our Furbliss® Silicone Pet Brushes were featured on QVC by our very own Dr. James Bascharon! While supplies last we are selling a twin pack of Furbliss® Brushes through QVC for $21.12! (reg price - $16/99 each.)

The Furbliss Brush is the best brush for pet's skin and coat. The patented design was developed in Switzerland and has many features including brushing, de-shedding, massaging, cleaning, & exfoliating! The Furbliss Brush can be used wet or dry and works perfectly with our Furbliss Grooming Line!


Furbliss brushes are breed and coat specific, featuring different knob length and flexibility, and firmness. 

Blue Furbliss® Brush - Large Dogs with Short Hair
Yellow Furbliss® Brush - Large Dogs with Short Hair
Green Furbliss® Brush - Small Dogs & Cats with Long Hair
Red Furbliss® Brush - Small Dogs & Cats with Long HairFurbliss Silicone Pet Brush for Dogs and Cats


Unlike traditional pet brushes made out of irritating wire and metal, the Furbliss brush is made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone. The flexible silicone is gentle enough for dogs and cats with skin conditions and allergies. When grooming with the Furbliss brush, pressure can be safely applied without damaging the skin.The silicone also acts as a magnet to attract loose pet hair and dirt, while providing a comforting and relaxing massage during routine brushing, exfoliation, and cleaning of your pet's coat.

Cleaning the Furbliss brush is a breeze. Just rinse the brush or toss into the dishwasher or washing machine, the Furbliss Brush can withstand up to 250°F!

Plus thanks the two-sided design Furbliss is more than a brush for your cat or dog. The back side of the Furbliss has de-shedding teeth, which can be used in short, firm strokes to safely remove excess fur from your pet's coat. On the edge of the back of the brush, there is also a fur and lint removing tool to get that excess fur off your clothing, furniture, and auto interiors too!


 Watch the Furbliss Pet Brush on QVC


Furbliss® Special QVC Price

Two Furbliss® Brushes: $21.12


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