September 'Sandy' Pet of the Month

September 24, 2018 0 Comments

Sandy Furbliss Pet of the Month


This amazing girl is "Sandy", a 7/8-year-old mixed breed. She is our September 2018 Furbliss® Pet of the Month! This is what Sandy's mom had to say about using Furbliss® for her...

"My dog Sandy loves her new Furbliss brush. My mom's 2 teacup Chihuahuas love it as well. They never want me to stop brushing them. Sandy gets so relaxed when being brushed that she will fall asleep. Sandys fur is much softer and looks healthier. I'm finding that when I pet her, I'm not stirring up a lot of loose fur. Sandy is not shedding all over me and my apartment. Before, no matter how often I swept the floor, I would always find loose piles of her fur. That is no longer the case. There's hardly any of her fur on the furniture or on my clothes. This is so amazing. I haven't yet tried using the Furbliss brush in the bathtub. Sandy is very anxious when I bathe her. I'm hoping that it will calm her anxiety. Thanks again."

Interesting Facts About Sandy: Sandy loves to play with her toys. One of her favorites is a doggie pacifier. She loves to show off her toys to our neighbors. She loves all the attention it gets her.

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